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2011-05-08 14:53:03 by Trovao5

I just want to announce that "The Unknwn Project" game was cancelled due to technical problems...


2011-04-19 14:25:15 by Trovao5

Hey guys, the Fps game Im making has already a teaser!
Check it out HERE

You can download the theme here on NG or in MediaFire

Time over

2011-04-06 13:33:09 by Trovao5

We already have the voice winner!
But if youi still want to win a free copy of the game when it's done, you should PM me saying that you want it + an awesome message. The best ones will win a free copy.

Hey guys the news I have for you are very exciting!
First fo All me and LJRJ, are in the same team, the UltimateActionGames.
And more me and some guys are currently working with RockPower-Entertainment to create an new First Person Shooter, "The Unknown Project".
And exciting part starts now...
Send me an PM saying that you want an free copy of the game when it's done + an awesome message, When the game is done, I will pick the messages I liked the best and give a copy for free!!!!!!
You could be one of the firsts playing the game!
I'm not over yet send me an PM with your voice saying "You will never survive my attack of awesomeness", and the best one will be selected to voice a BOSS of the game!(When this contest is over I'll let you know)

My Links

2011-01-29 14:11:49 by Trovao5

My Links:
Other links coming soon!